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Important Jet Ski Safety and Etiquette Tips Just For You

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Jet skiing can be an enjoyable experience but it should be done carefully to avoid harming yourself or others. Let’s look at some important jet ski etiquette and safety tips provided here just for you.


Staying safe while on a jet ski is easy if you’re willing to follow these few simple rules. These rules will help to ensure your safety as well as that of other people

Go slow: It’s easy to get caught up in the fun while you’re jet skiing across the water, but going to fast can cause an accident injuring you as well as others. Since the majority of jet skis can top their speed at 40-50 mph, you need to cut your speed and go slow while playing nice on jet skis, especially if you’ve not mastered the art of driving a jet ski.

Put on a life jacket: You have to wear a life jacket every time. This is crucial and can be extremely dangerous if you don’t. A hard fall from a jet ski while traveling on the water can cause you to pass out, or the waves resulting from the incident can be fatal.

Put on safety lanyard: This device also known as the safety key is worn around your neck. If you fall off the watercraft, the safety key will stop the engine.

Use sunblock: It’s easy to get a sunburn while you’re out in the sun. By covering up with sunblock or clothing that offers protection against the sun, you can avoid getting sunburn when playing nice jet skis.

Protect your eyes: Cutting through the water can cause forceful spray, which can result in injury to your eyes. Get the polarized eye protection that filters the sun, which allows you to see clearly when the sun is shimmering on the water. Glasses or goggles are not effective enough, its best to wear a helmet with added protection.

Pass with care: Watch out when crossing the backwash of a big boat or another jet ski as it may prevent you from seeing another oncoming vehicle.

Have a whistle: It’s important to keep a whistle at hand; around your neck or on your wrist while you’re riding a jet ski. Just in case you get thrown off the watercraft, the whistle can become your distress signal rather than shouting, which can damage your vocal cords.

Obey the age laws: Most states as well as Georgia and South Carolina require that you shouldn’t operate a jet ski all by yourself if you are less than 16 years old. You will need adult supervision if your at least 12 years old.

Operate jet skis only during daytime: Daylight is the best time for playing nice on a jet ski. The visibility is good and therefore you’re less likely to cause harm or danger to yourself and others.

Never drink alcohol prior to driving a jet ski: Alcohol will cloud your judgment and lead to possible injury. Keep your body alcohol free when you plan to go jet skiing.

Maintain your jet ski: Similar to other vehicles a jet ski needs to function optimally. The best way to do this is to ensure you check and follow the maintenance schedules even if you’re renting the vehicle. How do I know if the jet ski rental near me is maintaining its jet skis? Just ask to see the maintenance record of the one you’re renting.


Obeying the rules set out above is not the only requirement for jet skiing. You also need to learn about the etiquette governing jet ski. Here’s how you can be a courteous and polite jet ski driver.

Obey the road rules: Just ensure you stay on the right whenever you see a boat heading towards you.

Practice defensive driving: This is similar to driving a car on the road. Always drive defensively and pay attention when you have to pass other boats.

Note the right of way: A jet ski does not have the right of way over other boats. Whenever you have to cross the path of another vehicle, the right of way belongs to the one on the right.

Keep the vehicle quiet: Ensure your jet ski is not making too much noise in your early morning you travel especially when you’re close to residential areas

Be alert: Always be on the watch for water loungers, swimmers, and all kinds of watercraft. Take a good look around and see if there are persons who might be in your way and be very careful while jet skiing in those areas.

Keep the waters clean. Fuel spills, litter, and pollutants will dirty the waters. Be mindful of these basic safety rules and etiquette. The primary focus of the operators of jet ski rental near me is to ensure the safety of everyone all the time.

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