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Kayaking for Exercise

a man riding on the back of a boat in a body of water

Kayaking for Exercise

When there is a waterway and scenery nearby, a great way to take in the beauty while getting some exercise is kayaking. People have been kayaking since as far back as 1577. Though these small boats were first used to help transport goods along rivers, kayaking became a sport back in the 1950s with the invention of the rigid kayak. Now, kayaks are popular for exercise enthusiasts, tourists, and more.

A 200-pound person can burn approximately 375 – 475 calories per hour kayaking. Though the number of calories that you can burn will vary based on your weight and age and the distance you are traveling and the amount of effort you are putting in, overall, kayaking is a great exercise.

Why is Kayaking a Good Weight-Loss Exercise?

Your body loses weight when it expels more energy than it consumes. It’s quite a simple mathematical equation, really. Your body needs to burn more calories than it takes in, and those calories are equivalent to energy. The problem is, if you take in too many calories, especially from foods high in fat and sugar content, those extra calories turn into excess weight. And unfortunately, it is far more challenging to lose weight than it is to gain it.

Though it is possible to burn calories and lose weight through kayaking, the only way it will be effective is to put in the time and distance and counter the exercise with a proper diet. For example, if you consume 2500 calories in a day and only kayak for 15 or 20 minutes, the chances are that you are not going to lose any weight. And, even if you kayak for an hour, if you don’t put in some effort and push yourself, you may not burn as many calories as you would like.

It may seem like kayaking isn’t worth the effort, but quite the contrary is true. Even though you have to put in the effort to burn the calories, kayaking actually burns more calories per hour than many other exercises. On average, someone who cycles for an hour on an outdoor bike or spins on an indoor exercise bike might burn only 250 to 300 calories in an hour. A one-hour walk may burn about 225 calories, and one-hour of yardwork manty burn roughly 275 calories. Only jogging or running has the likelihood of burning more calories, but unfortunately, running comes with several risks and can be quite hard on the body.

Burn Calories and Have Fun

Many kayaking enthusiasts love the sport because they enjoy the peace and tranquility of the water. Plus, they love the added benefit that comes with the calorie burn and the toning that kayakers will eventually see in their core and arms.

Of course, there are other benefits to kayaking too. Kayaking makes for a great social activity, is good for both your mental and cardiovascular health, and can help get you a valuable dose of Vitamin D. Vacationers near the sea and other waterways take to kayaking for all of these reasons plus the opportunity to take in the sights and burn some calories.

The next time you are vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, consider searching online for kayak rentals near me. Kayaking is an excellent way to enjoy the area and burn some calories at the same time.

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