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Essential Facts About SUP For Health And Fitness

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Essential Facts About SUP For Health And Fitness

If you want to be healthy, you have to be intentional about it, meaning, you have to eat well and exercise consistently.

SUP boarding is a great way to have a good workout. Stand up paddle-boarding is exciting and is considered one of the top activities for fitness. It also offers astonishing health benefits. With all the positive health benefits you should get started in a Rent a SUP Get Healthy program.

SUP and Fitness

The US Department of Health says that an adult needs a minimum of 150 minutes of average-intensity activity each week. Hitting the gym for a workout is not really necessary. Standup paddleboarding is a better option when compared to working out at the gym.

Let’s find out why Standup paddleboarding is an excellent workout.

Complete Intensity

You need physical activity that will strengthen your body. Although SUP may appear like its intense or it may not feel like its intense for the usual paddler, it definitely is. It’s not easy to maintain and keep your balance while paddling.

Initially, you may find it hard to paddle consistently, but over time, you’ll be able to build your endurance because the capacity of your heart and lung would have increased. Get involved in races if want to have SUP sessions that are more intense and go slow to make it less intense.

Works several Muscles

It is important that you utilize every muscle in your body. Too often some muscles are overused while others are underused. With standup paddle-boarding, you get to utilize all your muscles. When it is done correctly, every muscle small or large comes into play.

Very Exciting

It’s not easy to put in 150 minutes of physical activity. However, SUP helps you to anticipate getting into the water. You’ll be so caught up in paddling for hours that you’ll want to delay going home. In addition, paddleboarding is a year-round activity and easy to achieve. Paddle board rentals near me options make it easy to access paddle boards so you can start your Rent a SUP Get Healthy program whenever you want to.


SUP Exercise

While paddling does offer exercise possibilities, it can get boring at times. Therefore, you should include other types of exercise.

SUP Yoga

Many persons prefer to do yoga poses on a paddleboard rather than going to a studio. With paddle-boarding, you can achieve any pose on a Yoga SUP.

It’s less complicated to do yoga on the ground and it may seem daunting when you try it first on the water. With this unstable platform, it can make it difficult to change from one pose to another. However, this is why it is so enjoyable and fascinating.

Yoga emphasizes stretching, mindfulness, flexibility, and keeping your focus. Although SUP yoga will challenge you in these areas, it will sharpen your skills. SUP yoga teaches you how to improve your breathing, how to improve mindfulness, and how to improve your focus. In SUP yoga, you have to maintain your focus all the time.

If you think you need help then go to a SUP class near you. Get your own paddle board easily from paddle board rentals near me options.


SUP Planks

Are you having problems getting poses right? Then try planks. Similar to yoga, planks are very challenging when you try doing them on a paddleboard.

Planks tone up your core and help you to take on a correct paddling technique. And here’s the good news: Planks is easy on your back!

Other Exercises

An SUP board is very versatile in terms of the many different exercises you can do on it. Exercises such as push-ups, burpees, crunches, knee-hangs and others are possible on a SUP board. It is possible get a full cardio workout on your paddleboard with or without paddling

Beside increasing your heart rate, these exercises improve your paddling technique by making you a better paddler. Regardless of the conditions, you will find it easier to maintain balance.

SUP and Health

So, what are the health benefits you can get from SUP yoga?

Enhanced Mental Wellness

Research indicates that being outdoors brightens your mood and gives you a good feeling. Feeling good about yourself and an enhanced mood are indicators of your mental health. The positive effects of these are not only short-term but long-term as well.


SUP also is great for an aerobic workout. It controls cortisol (stress hormone) production.

People who do paddleboarding consistently will tell you that they feel wonderful after the exercise. This positive feeling results from the fact that the body produces endorphins and other happy hormones. They leave you with a relaxed and stress-free feeling.

Cardiovascular Health

SUP is great as a cardio workout.

It minimizes your risk of developing health conditions like diabetes or a stroke. The older you get the more prone you are to have these health problems. Maintaining an active life will help you to remain healthy. SUP is great regardless of your age.

Weight Loss

Everybody wants to be fit. However, the work to get there is not easy. SUP makes it easy to get fit and stay fit.

Never underestimate the power of SUP in terms of weight loss. With just one hour of paddleboard racing, you can lose up to 1100 calories. This is unrivaled with any other exercise. Although its relaxing SUP yoga allows you to burn 500 calories in one hour. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

SUP yoga gives the bliss of hanging out with friends and burning lots of calories at the same time.

Injury Rehabilitation

SUP is great for injuries. So if you’ve been injured and you need to exercise join a Rent a SUP Healthy program and start working out.

Running is hard on your joints and tendon but not so with Standup. It helps you to keep fit and lets your injuries heal faster. SUP does not cause additional harm to your injuries. It allows the injured body part to strengthen slowly on a daily basis.

Remember: If you’re injured get your doctor’s approval before you do SUP yoga.

Do you have a gym membership that you’ve never used? Why not cancel and get a paddle board? You can use your paddle board to meet your exercise needs. With a combination of yoga, paddling, and other cardio exercises, you’ll be happier, fitter and your heart will be healthier. Age is irrelevant when it comes to the benefits of SUP paddling. Seek out your paddle board options at any paddle board rentals near me.

Go! Interact with other paddlers, enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings, enjoy yourself, and just have fun, fun, fun!

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