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Top Fishing Excursions Around Myrtle Beach

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Top Fishing Excursions Around Myrtle Beach

Taking a family vacation to the gorgeous South Carolina shores is a great way to spend quality time with the ones you love most. While you’re visiting Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet, why not try something new? Fishing is an incredible way to get everyone together, regardless of age or skill level. But you don’t have to try to explore the waters for yourself and risk not catching any fish. Taking a fishing excursion with a trusted local company such as Crazy Sister Marina is truly the best option, especially if you’ve never been fishing in this area before. Here are some of Crazy Sister Marina’s most popular guided fishing trips in Myrtle Beach!

Inshore Fishing

On an inshore fishing trip, you won’t go too far from the shoreline (only about 5-10 miles out) but will still be taken out to the best waters for fishing. Crazy Sister Marina has three incredible vessels for your inshore fishing excursion: Fish Finder, Fish Finder II, and Silver Tuna. Any vessel can fit up to six passengers and will guarantee an amazing excursion!

If you choose an excursion on the Fish Finder or Fish Finder II, you can expect to pay $415 for a 3-hour trip or $490 for a 4-hour trip. Silver Tuna is a more luxurious vessel and can host longer adventures; if this boat is the one you choose, you can expect to pay $490 for a 4-hour trip or $715 for a 6-hour trip. Either way, you’re in for an exciting day trying to catch flounder, spadefish, bluefish, mackerel, and more.

Sport Fishing

If you’re looking for an experience that takes you even further out into the water, consider joining Crazy Sister Marina on a sport fishing trip! These excursions take you up to 60 miles out to try to catch species like amberjack, snapper, trigger, sea bass, and others. For these trips, Crazy Sister Marina has two awesome vessels: The SideKick and the Sea Rake. Both boats can hold up to six passengers.

The SideKick is the smaller of the two vessels, while the Sea Rake is a bit bigger. Whichever boat you choose, Crazy Sister Marina has tons of sportfishing excursions for you to choose from. The most popular is the All Day Combo Fishing excursion, which costs $1,250 for a 9-hour adventure. You can also select the Gulfstream Combo Fishing trip at $1,650 for 11 hours, the Offshore Combo Fishing trip at $850 for 6 hours, or any of their four other sport fishing options!

Family Excursions

The best thing about every single trip with Crazy Sister Marina is the fact that they’re family-friendly. Often times, when families go on vacation, parents can be worried about finding activities that everyone can participate in and enjoy. These fishing trips are the perfect solution! With so many different excursions available, Crazy Sister Marina ensures that every single group can choose the ideal trip for them.

On each trip, you’ll be led by an expert captain who makes sure you’re in the best spot to catch whatever fish you’re searching for. They can also help your kids or new anglers learn the ropes and get to casting in no time! You can rest assured and enjoy your trip knowing everyone is being taken care of.


If you’re searching for family things to do in Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach, look no further than Crazy Sister Marina. They’ve got years of experience in the most popular types of excursions, guaranteeing you a simply unforgettable trip! Feel free to contact Crazy Sister Marina for more information about any of their packages!

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