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What To Pack For A Murrells Inlet Charter Fishing Trip

a man holding a fish

Whether you’re planning your first or fifth Murrells Inlet charter fishing trip, packing the right gear is essential to enjoying yourself. Once you’ve chosen your type of adventure and booked the trip, it’s time to pack for the getaway. As you head out for your fishing vacation, don’t forget to load your suitcase with these must-have items.

Clothing For Fishing Trip

If you’re going to be in the open waters, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of layers of clothing. Even the warm South Carolina coast can have varying temperatures, so bring your casual summer clothes, but don’t forget to pack a light jacket, like a windbreaker. If you head out on an early morning adventure, the offshore temperature may be lower than you anticipate. Other clothing items to bring:

    • Light-colored clothing: Be sure to avoid dark clothes that will absorb the sun’s rays and increase your risk of sunburn
    • Gloves: Avoid line cuts and sunburn by packing fishing gloves.
    • Slip-resistant footwear: Non-skid tennis shoes are best. We know flip flops are a vacation essential, but for the best grip on the boat, go for tennis shows.


Fishing Trip Skin Protection 

Even if the weather is supposed to be cloudy, pack a strong sunscreen. You don’t want to end the day with a sunburn reminder of how strongly the sun can shine through the clouds. Pack the sunblock and be sure to reapply every couple of hours.

To shield your eyes from the sun and the blinding glare of the water, bring some sunglasses. You won’t be able to see half the fun without eye protection. Add a hat to the packing gear to share your head and face from the sun. Finally, be sure to bring lip balm. The wind can create some severely dry and chapped lips. You’ll want the balm to keep them moisturized.


If the boat’s movement leaves you prone to seasickness, be sure to bring an over the counter motion sickness medicine. Bonine and Dramamine are two of the most common that can be easily found at your local drugstore. Take the medicine a couple of hours before the trip and you should experience smooth sailing. Skip the overdose of morning coffee and avoid a heavy night of drinking the evening before the trip.

While you’re on the water, you’ll face a plethora of insects. Be sure to pack the bug spray to keep your arms and legs protected. It’s not a bad idea to bring a small first aid kit. While the boat will be equipped with one, having essentials like band aids and antiseptic cream may come in handy. Toss in a small bottle of hand sanitizer. You won’t want to rush into lunch after fishing all morning without cleaning up.

Pack everything into a water-resistant backpack so your items will stay dry. A waterproof case for your phone or camera is also a good idea so they don’t get damaged.

Now that you know What To Pack For A Murrells Inlet Charter Fishing Trip, the only thing left to do is book the Murrells Inlet charter fishing trip that excited you most.