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Best Fishing Trips In Murrells Inlet

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Best Fishing Trips In Murrells Inlet


As the calendar flips toward the end of the school year and summer approaches, it’s time to make plans for a vacation. Whether you need to plan a Memorial Day Weekend trip or you want to book an extended family vaca, planning a fishing trip in Murrells Inlet is one of the most memorable ways to spend your summer break.

Crazy Sister Marina in Murrells Inlet has the perfect fishing trip to fit your needs. Whether you want to take a fishing vacation with the family or go on a weekend adventure with a group of friends, we feature some of the most adventurous fishing opportunities along the South Carolina coast. To help you figure out what you want to snag on the end of your line, we’re highlighting the benefits of some of our most popular fishing charter trips.

Deep Sea Fishing Murrells Inlet

If you’re ready for adventure on the sea, deep sea fishing is the trip to plan. The air-conditioned cabin helps you relax and take a break from the sun, while the spacious upper deck offers stunning views of the ocean. The all-day fishing event is roughly 45 to 60 miles offshore in water that’s 120 to 200 feet deep. The cruise to the fishing grounds takes about three hours and when you arrive, you can expect vermillion and silver snapper, grouper, sharks, triggerfish, grunts, amberjack and more to be available for catching.

Sea Bass Fishing

For a half day fishing adventure in Murrells Inlet, hop on board the sea bass fishing trip. Reel in your own catch of the day after cruising approximately 3 to 15 miles offshore and fishing in 40 to 50 feet deep waters. It takes only an hour to reach the fishing grounds and you’ll have the opportunity to nab black sea bass, grunts, tom-tates, sea bream, and porgies. Fish size averages about 1/2 to 3 pounds.

Shark Fishing Murrells Inlet

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the ocean’s most fierce predators up close, a Murrells Inlet shark fishing trip is the way to go. Our crew will sail approximately 3 to 12 miles offshore, reaching waters that are 30 to 40 feet deep. You’ll enjoy the day reeling in Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, Black Sea Bass, and Grunts. Catch sharks up to three feet in length. Note these Murrells Inlet fishing trips are reserved for June, July, and August.

Continental Shelf Fishing

Sail on the boat for about two hours until you reach the fishing grounds that are approximately 25 to 35 miles offshore. You’ll fish for Vermillion Snapper, Grunts, Silver Snapper, Triggerfish, bigger Black Sea Bass, and more in waters 70 to 90 feet deep. Continental Shelf fishing trips run June, July, and August.

Whether you’re looking for some quality me-time or bringing along your friends and family, Crazy Sister Marina offers the best fishing trips in Murrells Inlet. With unique accommodations just minutes away, you can stay along the coast and spend your days on the water. Explore the fishing adventures we offer throughout the summer months and book your trip ahead of time to ensure you get the date and time you want.