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Best Beach Vacation Activities For Memorial Day Weekend

a group of people walking down a fish

If you’re planning a Myrtle Beach vacation during the Memorial Day weekend, you’re in for an adventure. From a dolphin cruise to a private chartered fishing trip, Crazy Sister Marina offers the best family vacation activities for your entire crew. Whether you’re planning a beach trip with friends, just as a couple, or bringing the extended family, we know the best activities for the holiday weekend.


Plan your Murrells Inlet sport fishing trip with the Crazy Sister Marina team. We have two boats to choose from: The Sea Rake and The Side Kick. Both vessels are available for up to 6 passengers, but The Sea Rake is larger at 40’ and hosts four fighting chairs for your crew. The Side Kick has two fighting chairs and is 32’ long.

Head boat fishing is available for those who want to set sail with a group and take on the Atlantic’s Sea Bass or sharks. The fishing trip rates include rod, manual reel, bait (squid), tackle, and license coverage. Travel three to 15 miles offshore for a half-day fishing adventure that gives you the real sea-life adventure.

Inshore fishing in Murrells Inlet is available to those who want to fish for mackerel, sharks, black sea bass, redfish, flounder, bluefish, spadefish and more. Our experienced captain will take you up to 5 miles offshore to fish local reefs or guide you in the calm sheltered waters of Murrells Inlet. Rods and reels, bait, tackle and fishing license coverage are included.


Adrenaline junkies everywhere will want to take on the ocean with jet ski rentals from Crazy Sister Marina. Explore the water with our hourly rental options or get an up-close and personal view of dolphins in the area on our jet ski dolphin eco excursion.

If you have the entire extended family with you, rent out the Jump Jam water park and combine the fun of slides, diving boards and trampolines with swimming. This floating water park is designed for water adventure fit for all ages. If you’re traveling with a small group, spend an hour aboard the Jump Jam with other fun-seeking vacationers.

If you want a personal view of the Murrells Inlet water, paddleboarding is what you need to try. The sport is fun and keeps you physical active.

Relax with a scenic tour of the beautiful waters of Murrells Inlet, guided by a local naturalist, during our kayak tours. The two-hour adventure will introduce you to the area’s ecosystem and the beautiful beach. Experienced and kayaker newbies will love this tour equally.

Myrtle Beach Dolphin Tour

Experience the ocean’s friendliest and most intelligent inhabitants in a memory-filled dolphin tour cruise. The TURSI-OPS was custom designed with individual seats and 360 degree viewing to give you the best opportunity to view and experience wild dolphins in a way that no other vessel can. Adults and children age 3 and up will enjoy the cruise.

If a Memorial Day weekend beach vacation is in your future, make sure you spend some time on the water with one of our many daily adventures.