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Plan A Myrtle Beach Ecosystem Tour

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Plan A Myrtle Beach Ecosystem Tour

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the sea shells you pick up along the Myrtle Beach coast or the fish native to the Carolina waters, a Myrtle Beach ecosystem tour is the trip for you. While you’re thinking science and education, let us clarify. This tour is the best way to discover a marine wonderland. The 2-hour boat journey is guided by a marine naturalist and is the Grand Strand’s most popular ecology trip.

What Happens On A Myrtle Beach Ecosystem Tour?

During a Myrtle Beach ecosystem tour you’ll experience the vital, living habitat that is home to hundreds of fascinating, mysterious marine creatures. Watch the Crazy Sister Marina team demonstrate live crabbing as they pull the cage onboard for all to see and touch the various sea creatures. This tour is more than learning about flora and fauna. You get an up close and personal look at what lies beneath the ocean’s surface. After spending time on the boat, you’ll visit a nearby beach in search of treasures and shells.

Unlike spending time in a zoo or aquarium, every experience you have is natural. There are no cages, hand-fed animals or overpriced souvenirs. Our expert team takes the time to explain what you see and how it plays a role in the Myrtle Beach environment. Our team boasts the only Salt Water Eco Tour on the Grand Strand!

Why Plan A Myrtle Beach Ecosystem Tour?

When you take the time to discover the natural environment around you, you grow an appreciation for the ocean, its creatures, and the native plants that all contribute to the coast line’s ecosystem. Each piece plays a specific role in keeping the animals nourished and alive and the plants thriving. While you can read about the Murrells Inlet ecosystem in publications, there’s nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself.

Not only is the trip an unforgettable adventure for the kids, but it also serves as an educational opportunity. Allowing the kids to see the animals and sea shells close up helps them appreciate how everything works together. And, instead of paying for a sea shell replica in a local gift shop, you and the family can collect some shells to take home.

Without each part of the Murrells Inlet ecosystem, the soil, rocks, shells, animals, and plants would all be at risk for diseases or extinction. The diversity of the South Carolina coast is what makes it so incredible. Each ecosystem tour from Crazy Sister reveals those hidden gems and the experience behind our marine experts lets you in on the ecosystem story. From crabs and sea turtle to sea shells and native plants, the ecosystem tour provides a real life look at each one.


Book yourecosystem tour with the Crazy Sister Marina team and spend two hours understanding the beauty and details of what you thought was just a beautiful beach. Learn the spellbinding secrets kept hidden and waiting just beneath the surface of the water!