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5 Reasons To De-stress With A Murrells Inlet Fishing Trip

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It seems like summer had just started and suddenly Labor Day is behind us. With the fall season ahead but warm temperatures still lingering, it’s the perfect time to plan your Murrells Inlet charter fishing trip. If you’re like most people visiting or living along the coast, your life is settling back into a routine schedule and you’re searching for those weekend adventures.

Locating a fishing charter trip near me is one of the most exciting and stress relieving events you can plan. Soon you’ll be gearing up for the holiday season and planning to visit family, but now is the time to spend on the water, and the team at Crazy Sister Marina is here to make the adventure a memorable one.

Making memories isn’t the only thing you’ll accomplish by spending a day on the boat. A study compiled by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation(RBFF) reveals just being close to a body of water helps to naturally lower anxiety. With less stress, you can enjoy a healthier, more relaxed fall season.

Why Fishing Relieves Stress

It’s not just reeling in the biggest catch that makes a Murrells Inlet fishing charter enjoyable. Science tells us there are aspects of a fishing trip that help diminish stress:

  1. Outdoors: The Natural Conservancy conducted a study that showed 90 percent of children who spend time outside say being around nature helps reduce stress. In addition, the National Wildlife Federation reports 75 percent of teachers feel students who are regularly outdoors are better problem solvers and are more creative.
  2. Fly fishing: Rivers of Recovery, a rehabilitation program for combat veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), minor Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), stress, anxiety and depression, says fly fishing is shown to lower symptoms of PTSD. A fishing adventure can also increase the mood of those on board.
  3. Boating: Simply being on the water in a boat is a stress-relieving activity, according to Discover Boating. Spend time with your fishing buddies on a private Murrells Inlet fishing charter, or join the party of fellow fishermen and women on the head boat.
  4. Sunshine: Take in the sun’s rays while you set sail with the Crazy Sister Marina team. Exposure to sunlight has been linked to the brain’s release of serotonin. Serotonin is associated with improving your mood and helping you feel more focused and calm.
  5. Exercise: A Murrells Inlet fishing trip is a great source of exercise. From casting the line to reeling in the catch of the day, fishing calls for a good deal of energy. The Mayo Clinic says exercise is proven to reduce stress. Pair the mental and physical benefits of a fishing trip and you don’t need any other reason to book your trip today.

The Crazy Sister Marina team is ready to help you find the best fishing trip for you and your friends. Our friendly staff will help you book a private charter or find a date and time to set sail on our head boat. 

Featured Photo: Facebook Elizabeth Pierson