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5 Reasons To Book Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

a group of people standing next to a body of water

5 Reasons To Book Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter

Myrtle Beach fishing charters are recognized as one of the most enjoyable family activities to do while on vacation. The fishing trips are known for their excitement and big catches along the beautiful South Carolina coast. From private charter to hopping aboard the head boat with several other ready to take on the sea, you’ll find your desired Myrtle Beach fishing trip with Crazy Sister Marina.

Enjoy one of the safest, most convenient ways to complete a day or half day of fishing when you partner with the trusted captains and crew of Crazy Sister. If you’re considering a Myrtle Beach fishing charter, use our five reasons to book your trip today.

No license required

One of the top reasons to book your Myrtle Beach fishing charter with our experienced crew is you won’t need any fishing license. Our boats are operated by captains and fishing experts who have the local permits, insurance and licenses needed to allow you to enjoy the adventure.

Skip the registration and hassle of obtaining your own license and learning the different specifications to use it. Take advantage of our expertise and just enjoy the day.

No fishing equipment required

Don’t drag tons of fishing equipment to the beach just to stand on the shore for hours hoping for a bite. Book your charter, hop on board the head boat and we’ll provide the line and tackle you need to reel in a memorable catch.

We not only want you to enjoy your time on the water, we want it to be convenient. Don’t stress over packing or purchasing fishing equipment. Arrive as you are and let us take care of the rest. With our well-maintained equipment, you’re sure to have a bite on to the line.

Choose your preferred fishing trip

With so many different Myrtle Beach fishing charters available, you’re sure to find a trip that provides the exact ocean adventure you desire. From sport fishing for  king mackerel, amberjack, and bonita to inshore fishing just a few miles off the coast, you can create the experience you want.

Fish for your desired species

If you’re looking for the excitement that comes with shark fishing for Black Tip, Spinner, Fine Tooth, and Blacknose sharks, we have the charter for you. If you prefer to reel in Black Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Grunt, and Porgy, we can make it happen.

All you have to do is let our team know the species of fish you’re interested in catching and we’ll guide you to the best-fit charter.

Bring a crowd or come solo

While we say the more the merrier, we’ll always have room for one. Join our head boat for an adventurous day sailing the sea on your own (along with a boatful of other adventure-seekers) or book a private charter with a handful of your closest friends.

Any of the options from Crazy Sister Marina can make for a great Myrtle Beach fishing charter. Contact our team today to let us know what type of adventure you’re into, and we’ll book the ideal day on the water.