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Why Jump Jam Is The Best Myrtle Beach Water Park

a group of people on a boat in the water

Why Jump Jam Is The Best Myrtle Beach Water Park

There are more than 1,300 water parks in North America, and in 2015, about 85 million people visited one of those parks. Needless to say, people love the idea of mixing slides with water. The Crazy Sister Marina team has a different take on the classic Myrtle Beach water park. Forget the lines, floats and hot pavement, the Jump Jam is a mix of water park, float and fun all in the middle of the water.

What is Jump Jam?

When you’re ready to have fun in the water jumping from a high dive, slipping off slides and leaping from trampoline nets, it’s time to visit one of the best water parks in Myrtle Beach, the Jump Jam. The unique design offers fun at every corner while keeping everyone safe. The Jump Jam is fun for all ages, so bring the young and young at heart for a day on the water.

The floating mobile water park features an unforgettable experience with a 6-foot platform leap, a 14-foot high dive, a 12-foot high trampoline, a smaller trampoline, a 6-foot swing out, and a curvy water slide. There are so many activities in one place, everyone can enjoy something new without waiting in the lines you find at a tradition water park.

Rent A Myrtle Beach Water Park

The Jump Jam has availability for open play times so you can join another group of adventure seekers and party together, or you can rent the floating water park for a private party. Check the Jump Jams hours of availability and decide which floating party is best for your group.

The Jump Jam makes the perfect private birthday bash, weekend get together activity, or multi-family event. Rent the park for a couple of hours and spend time with jumping, sliding and catapulting with your family and friends. Keep in mind that participants on the Jump Jam must be at least 5-years-old or 45 pounds to participate. All children ages 5 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Invite up to 30 people for your private Jump Jam bash.

After The Water Park

After you finish your best dives and leaps from the Jump Jam, extend your time on the water with jet ski rentals from the Crazy Sister Marina. If you want to keep the adventure going by yourself or with one rider, you can rent the jet ski by the hour. Don’t worry if you’re not skilled in jet ski maneuvers. Each rental from the Crazy Sister team comes with orientation and safety instructions from one of our skilled staff members. Our experienced team will work with you before you ride to ensure you feel safe. Plus, a navigation safety guide accompanies each ride.

 Whether it’s your first trip to Murrells Inlet or the Grand Strand is your favorite vacation spot, choosing the best water park adds to your trip. Skip the lines and hot pavement and opt for the floating water park that lets you have a blast with 29 of your closest friends.