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Murrells Inlet History Cruise

a ship in a body of water


The Murrells Inlet History Project is proud to present the Murrells Inlet History Cruise, a narrated tour of our inlet along the creekfront.  This 1.5 hour trip occurs during high tides when the Explorer boat can navigate the smaller channels from the Marshwalk down to Huntington Beach State Park and then out to the Jetties and returning to the marina through the Main Channel.

Come hear the stories about how Murrells Inlet got the name, early plantation owners and Civil War history, as well as informative stories about the rich heritage and resources that make Murrells Inlet the paradise that many enjoy.

Topics include the original plantation families, the fishing boats and captains that started our sea-going tradition, the families that settled in the area, the origin of the restaurants and our seafood culture, and the natural history of the resources and creeks that are the reason Murrells Inlet is loved by so many.

Click the BOOK NOW button here and choose the March 21st for the Sunset Cruise.

You can follow along on the Murrells Inlet History Project Facebook Group here->

Image: From Facebook group, Steve Strickland