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Crazy Sister Marina 2020 – The Season’s Starting Up!

a person standing next to a boat

Crazy Sister Marina – The Season’s Starting Up!

The winter chill is receding and the waters are starting to feel warm. That means it’s just about time to head down to Crazy Sister Marina once again. Every year around this time, we start to see new faces and regulars that are eager to try out all our fishing and aquatic experiences.

What We’ve Got

There’s no end to the delights you can find when you come out to Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet. Fishing trips, private charters, water activities and more are just the tip of the iceberg! Whether you’re a solo expeditioner or want to bring the whole family, there’s something for you.

Fishing Charters

It’s easy to see the appeal of connecting with nature and taking your own bounty from the water with our fishing charters. Jump in our Party Boat, starting April 2, for the best fishing experience you’ll ever have. Sport charter fishing, inshore fishing, offshore fishing, and head boat trips are all available. These are designed from the ground up to provide excellent experiences for fishermen of any age or practice level.

We’ve also got a pair of fantastic inshore fishing boats, named Fish Finder and Fish Finder II, respectively. Both are fast and comfortable 26-footers and are equipped with the advanced fishing and navigation gear you need to grab yourself some great catches. Reservations start March 17.

Or you can join a sport fishing trip. Hop aboard the Side Kick, a 32’ sport fishing boat custom-built and equipped with two comfortable chairs and the latest electronics. Trips start on April 1, so be sure to grab a reservation before all the spots fill up.


Watersports are a great way to burn off some energy and let your kids have a great time. We’ve got all sorts of activities starting up soon, ranging from jet skis to paddleboard tours the kayak tours. There’s no better way to see the natural beauty of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area or put your physical endurance to the test than with one of our watersport options.


Our cruises are one-of-a-kind experiences you won’t want to miss, especially if you want to bring your family along for a great day in the sun! The Blue Wave Adventure cruise starts March 7 and lets you check out the inlet’s beautiful local population of dolphins. You’ll climb aboard the TURSI-OPS, which is a brand-new and custom-built vessel specifically designed for this experience. Anyone who jumps aboard will enjoy individual seats and a 360° viewing angle; no need to crane your neck around the tall folks in the front!

Don’t forget our extensive collection of rental kayaks, boats, and paddle and pedalboards if you prefer to take to the water without a guide.

No matter what you’re interested in, we’re more than eager to start the season with you and are looking forward to a great year with everyone!