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On the Pontoon – 4 Reasons Pontoon Rides are the Best

a small boat in a body of water

On the Pontoon – 4 Reasons Pontoon Rides are the Best

Okay, we admit it. We couldn’t help it. As we have announced that we have launched pontoon boat rentals as our newest offering, we must say that the song On the Pontoon by Little Big Town is racing through our minds. And it should come as no surprise as pontoon rides are both fun and relaxing. If you have ever been out boating, you probably know many of the reasons why pontoon rides are the best. And if not, we’ll share some of the many reasons with you.

1. Pontoons are easy for beginners

Let’s start with one of the most apparent reasons that pontoon boats are one of the best kinds of boats to rent, especially if you are in the Murrells Inlet, SC, area looking for something to do. Pontoons are easy to drive and easy to dock. The shape and water dynamics of the boat, plus the slower overall speed capacity, make pontoons a safer option for newer boats because they are difficult to flip or tip. This doesn’t mean that boat safety should be ignored. By all means, anyone operating a boat should practice safe boating at all times. But, a pontoon will make things that much easier. Crazy Sister Marina offers boat rentals near me for four hours, eight hours, and even five days, making vacation both fun and easy.

2. Pontoons are perfect for families

If you are looking to spend some time on the water with your family, then a pontoon is an excellent choice. Pontoons offer excellent visibility, making it easy to help keep an eye on the kids while putting through the water in the inlet. Pontoon rentals from Crazy Sister Marina can hold up to 10 people and have a bimini top, ensuring that you don’t get more sun exposure than you want.

3. Pontoons offer plenty of storage

If you are heading out for four to eight hours, or even five days of fun, you will want a place to store away everything you brought with you. Typically, we see guests bring pool toys, towels, and lots and lots of food. Though our 20’ pontoons offer plenty of space, it is nice to tuck away everything you brought with you so that it stays out of sight and out of the way until you need it. So if you are not sure how to pack for a boat trip, there is no need to worry. Your Myrtle Beach pontoon rental will have plenty of room to store your stuff away.

4. Pontoons have something for everyone

Whether you are looking to bask in the sun, anchor and swim, or get your fish on, pontoons are pretty versatile. If you’re in the Myrtle Beach area, then it is likely that a boat rental is on your list of Myrtle Beach things to do. But sometimes, it can be challenging to determine just what type of boat to rent. With a Crazy Sister Marina pontoon rental, you can also get a rod and reel

rental along with all of the bait, tackle, ice, snacks, and more that you will need for the perfect day on the water. Whatever your interest, pontoons are a great way to experience the beautiful waters of Myrtle Beach.