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6 Fun Myrtle Beach Things to Do on Father’s Day 

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6 Fun Myrtle Beach Things to Do on Father’s Day 

If you are a father planning your day for this Father’s Day, or if you are a loved one who wants to create an amazing day for Dad, you are probably in need of some suggestions on fun things to do. And if you are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach this Father’s Day, then our list of six suggestions should be helpful and timely.

  1. Go golfing

What golfer doesn’t love a game of golf on Father’s Day? And with 90 golf courses to choose from, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place for dad to avoid a divot in his big day.

  1. Go bowling

If your dad is the type looking to get that perfect score of 300 in a round of bowling, then maybe a trip to the nearest bowling ally is in order. Perfect for a rainy day, an evening of fun, or anytime you feel like it, give 810 Billiards & Bowling a try.

  1. Take dad on an inshore or offshore fishing excursion

Myrtle Beach has amazing fishing, and Crazy Sister Marina offers both inshore and offshore fishing expeditions in three and four-hour packages. Dad will love his chances at catching mackerel, redfish, flounder, amberjack, bonita, dolphin, and king amberjack.

  1. Take in a history lesson

If your dad is a history buff, know that the Myrtle Beach area has plenty of historical sites to see and experience. Atalaya Castle, Brookgreen Gardens, Georgetown, Hobcaw Barony, Hopsewee Plantation, the Horry County Museum, Peaches Corner, and the Pawleys Island Historic District are all great places for dad and the family to experience during a visit to Myrtle Beach. And if you don’t have time to take in them all, it just means more reasons for a return trip next year. 

  1. Consider a Myrtle Beach boat rental

If dad isn’t into fishing, but getting out on the water seems like a fun thing to do, consider a Myrtle Beach boat rental. Inlet boats including pontoons and skiffs provide a great opportunity to be in control of where you go and what you want to see. Skiffs are perfect for fishing or just putsing around on the water. Pontoons are excellent boat rentals for those looking to spend a day in the sun with a group of friends or family members. With a pontoon, you can beach on the point and spend your day walking around or enjoying the beach.

  1. Try paddle boarding

If dad is a balanced man (or needs a little practice), consider a morning or afternoon of paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is great for helping with balance, reducing stress levels, and exercising your entire body. If you are interested in a low impact workout that you can’t get at home and you want to enjoy the water, sunshine, and fresh air, then paddle boarding (sometimes referred to as SUP) is a must-try experience in Myrtle Beach. And if dad just wants some alone time, paddle boarding is also a great way to meditate and be one with nature.