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Fun Fishing Facts for Fabulous Kids

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Fun Fishing Facts for Fabulous Kids

Are you thinking about a trip to Myrtle Beach in the near future? Whether you plan a trip this fall or next spring, or summer, Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit. But one of the best things about Myrtle Beach is its fishing. Myrtle Beach has excellent fishing year-round and has some of the best fishing tour operators in the business. Better yet, fishing for kids in Myrtle Beach is great too. So, if you have a young angler or want-to-be angler on your hands, then you should know that your kids will also love fishing in Myrtle Beach. Now, get them excited for some Myrtle Beach fishing with these fun fishing facts for fabulous kids.

Share These Fun Fishing Facts with Your Fabulous Kids Before Fishing in Myrtle Beach

Why not help generate some excitement for your Myrtle Beach family vacation by teaching your children some fun facts at the same time? The Crazy Sister Marina team has put together a list of some fun fishing facts for you to share with your fabulous kids. And, we can’t wait to hear their favorite facts when you join us for a Myrtle Beach fishing expedition.

1. Fish have vertebrae
2. Fish have slimy scales that help them swim through the water
3. There are over 30,000 different species of fish across the world’s oceans and seas – but you are most likely to catch Mackerel, Redfish, and Flounder in Myrtle Beach
4. Fishing and catching are not the same thing
5. Fish breathe with gills and use their fins to swim
6. Fish use acoustic sounds to communicate with one another in the water
7. Fish have small brains
8. Fish can hear and taste, and it is believed that they have feelings too
9. Like reptiles and amphibians, fish are cold-blooded
10. A large group of fish is called a school, but fish don’t go to school

What You Should Know About Fishing with Kids

Now that your fabulous kids are full of fun fishing facts and are excited about a fishing trip in Myrtle Beach, it’s essential to help your child know what to expect. Even though your child might be excited if they have never been on a fishing boat before, it’s best to manage their expectations. It’s also critical that your child knows that you are comfortable fishing, too, as they will often emulate your behavior.

• Talk to your child about the type of boat that they will be fishing on – whether it be the head boat or a private charter, show pictures of the boat to your child beforehand
Know how to pack for your fishing trip in advance
• Encourage your kids to ask you questions about the pending fishing trip
• Tell your child that there will be a captain on the trip and encourage them to say hello when they board the boat

All in all, you and your children are bound to have a fantastic time fishing in Myrtle Beach. The Crazy Sister Marina team looks forward to seeing you and enjoying a great time out on the water.