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Beach Vacation Movie Nights

a little girl walking on a beach

Dolphins, Mermaids, Sharks, and Pirates…. Ooch!…..Catch the fun!

Beach Vacation Movie Nights

Ah! COVID has certainly put a damper on social gatherings resulting in many persons trying out alternatives to make family time more fun and exciting. Movie nights in is just that fun alternative. So, what better way to get the family excited about family fun activities to do in Myrtle Beach than watching movies about the ocean…especially dolphins!

Below are some classic family movies to watch during your Myrtle Beach vacation.  which includes Netflix with DVD players. Feel free to bring your movies from home.   

Sizzle up the family fun time by having a movie night with a beach theme in your home. Grab a few beach towels, spread them out in the living room, whip up your favorite smoothie, get some freshly baked cookies, and start watching any of our popular ocean adventure from the list below!    

(Guess what: Check out the links to this fantastic website for the listed movies. We think it’s great because it gives parents an overview of each movie; what to expect such as language, positive images, dark themes, violence, and real kids and parents reviews).

Ocean Adventures for Small Kids  


(PG, 2016)

This plucky young girl taps into the ocean’s power to help protect her island friends!

A kids’ favorite, watching the ocean flipping the pet chicken back into Moana’s boat.

The Little Mermaid

(G, 1989) Compete with a host of ocean pals, the Little Mermaid is great for everyone.

Who wouldn’t love a grouchy crab with its  Jamaican accent and a mermaid using a fork to brush her hair?

Finding Nemo

(G, 2003) With surfer bro sea turtles and an absentminded blue fishy friend, Finding

Nemo is packed with amazing characters and information about the ocean your kids might want to learn.

(Also check out: Finding Dory)

Dolphin Tale

(PG, 2011)

This beautiful story is about an injured dolphin and her recovery.

This film is based on the true story of Winter the dolphin.

Fun for School-Age Kids 

Pirates of the Caribbean

(PG-13, 2003)

Not really a scary but rather a funny film that pirate lovers will enjoy. Ideal for Topsail Since the island because the North Carolina coast is rich in pirate lore.


(PG, 1996)

Whether it is the 1996 film or the 1960’s TV series, animal lovers will enjoy this charming story about a boy and a dolphin.

Free Willy

(PG, 1993)

This is the story of a disturbed 12-year boy who befriended a grouchy killer whale. But the attempts of greedy adults to profit off the whale proved futile.

For All Ages!  

Documentaries are all-time favorites for some. So, if you love documentary films, go ahead and check out some of these on Netflix.

They are extremely educational and of stellar production. Click on the photos below and learn more.

There is so much to learn about the ocean and these films offer lots of information that both kids and adults alike can learn in a fun way. Capture the excitement, the fun, and ocean-packed information in these enchanting films.

Now! Are you ready to see some real marine life with Crazy Sister Marina? Check out our dolphin watch tour options here  and the original Myrtle Beach ecotour here  Call the office with questions!

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