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Experience the Beautiful Waters of Myrtle Beach

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Experience the Beautiful Waters of Myrtle Beach

One of the best parts of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas is the water. The ocean, lakes, creeks, and other bodies of water that are in the area present the opportunity for a wide variety of water activities that are both thrilling and family-friendly! To help plan your vacation to Myrtle Beach, here are just a few of the best water activities you can do solo or with friends and family.

Boat Rentals

Boat rentals are wildly popular in the area and rightfully so! With miles of water, it’s easy to put the boat at full speed and have fun. One of the top companies to book with in the area is with Crazy Sister Marina! This hometown favorite offers both a 17ft Carolina Skiff boat rental and a 20ft pontoon boat rental. The 17ft Carolina Skiff can hold up to 6 people while the 20ft pontoon can hold up to 10 people.

Each of these vessels can be rented for 4 hours, 8 hours, or 5 days. Prices for these range from $169 to 1,650 depending on vessel and rental length! Be sure to check with the friendly staff of Crazy Sister Marina to determine the best rental period for you. Each rental will come with a full tank of gas, safety equipment, and anchors. Fishing equipment as well as snacks can be purchased before departing to ensure you have the best day!

Boat Tours

In addition to boat rentals, Crazy Sister Marina offers a huge variety of boat tours that might as well be guaranteed to please anyone! Offers include an ocean sightseeing cruise, a dolphin watch, a saltwater marsh eco-tour, a sunset evening cruise, and more. No matter which one you choose to embark on, you’re bound to have a fantastic time!

Tours at Crazy Sister Marina can last anywhere from 75 minutes (an hour and 15 minutes) to two hours. While each tour does have its own unique focus, you can rest assured that your experienced captain will always take you through the most gorgeous waters in the area and can point out stunning wildlife like birds and dolphins! Tours can range in price depending on the season and the length of the excursion you select, but most options are incredibly affordable at just around $30 per person!

Kayak Rentals

If you’re looking to go at just a bit slower pace, kayaking in Murrells Inlet is a phenomenal option. Kayaking gives you a great opportunity to tour the saltwater marsh channels at your own speed in order to satisfy your curiosity! Crazy Sister Marina offers both single and tandem kayaks for your convenience. Single kayaks run at a rate of $25 for one hour. Tandem kayaks run at a rate of $35 for one hour. With either rental, any additional time is billed at $10 per hour. Besides just the kayak, instruction is provided for those who may not be familiar with kayaks along with paddles and safety equipment! You can start your kayak rental as early as 8:00 AM and keep it all the way to 5:00 PM. With your kayak rental, there’s no limit to what you can explore!


When it comes to exploring the stunning waters of Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach, there’s no better place to do it than at Crazy Sister Marina. Whether you want to go out on your own or tour with a group and an experienced captain, they’ve got all the options you need. When you’re planning your vacation to Myrtle Beach, be sure to consider Crazy Sister Marina for all your water adventures!

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