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What to Expect from Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Myrtle Beach

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You might have been fishing from the shore or a pier, but have you ever been deep sea fishing? Deep sea fishing is a favorite activity of many experienced anglers and often takes an entire day to fully enjoy. During some of these excursions, you’ll be taken out to waters that are over 100 feet deep and many miles out from shore, often so far out that you can’t see land anymore! Sound intriguing? Here’s what you can expect from our deep sea Myrtle Beach fishing trips.

Defining Deep Sea Fishing

Before we get into what you should expect, we want to quickly define deep sea fishing. As we mentioned, these trips will take you far out from shore, allowing you to fish in water more than 100 feet deep. (Inshore fishing trips, on the other hand, take you into shallower waters of usually 80 feet deep or less.) You might also hear deep sea fishing referred to as “offshore fishing” or “big game fishing.” These excursions will also often take you 30 miles or more away from the shore.

What Should You Bring?

Since you’ll be out on the water all day long, it’s important to think about what to bring on your journey. Of course, you’ll want to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. This involves having plenty of sun protection, including a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You’ll also want to wear comfortable clothing and waterproof shoes. Be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, too! Our deep sea fishing trips in Myrtle Beach include all of your essential equipment, including rod and reel, bait and tackle, and fishing license.

What Can You Expect to Catch while Deep Sea Fishing?

When you go deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach, there are plenty of incredible varieties you can cast your line for. For instance, one of our most popular deep sea fishing excursions is the All Day Gulf Stream Fishing trip. During this trip, you’ll be able to catch and reject, grunts, grouper, silver snapper, triggerfish, sharks, and more. These fish species are quite common in the deep seas near Myrtle Beach; however, the time of year and the location will dictate exactly what you can fish for on your trip.  Learn more about the fish common to the area here!

Who Can Come?

Myrtle Beach fishing trips are often best enjoyed with the ones you love most. Our deep sea fishing excursions are no exception! Kids and adults alike are welcome to join in on the fun and spend their day out on the beautiful waters of the Atlantic. Even for those who have little or no fishing experience, deep sea fishing can be a totally unique way to spend the day and maybe even pick up a new hobby!

There are plenty of reasons why our deep sea fishing trips are among our most popular adventures! Come discover all the fun you can have on a deep sea fishing trip with Crazy Sister Marina in Murrell’s Inlet.  Click here to see all our options for your next Myrtle Beach vacation!

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