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What to Expect from Parasailing in Myrtle Beach

a group of people on a boat in a body of water

When you come to Myrtle Beach, you probably expect to spend plenty of time on, well, the beach! You might want to relax on the sand, enjoy some fun water sports like kayaking or jet skiing, or splash around in the water with your little ones. But for a truly unique experience, consider Myrtle Beach parasailing! The entire family can enjoy the journey and is sure to leave with unforgettable memories.

What is Parasailing?

First things first: what is parasailing? During your parasailing excursion, you’ll be placed on a boat and taken out to the middle of the water. From there you’ll get strapped into a parasail wing, which looks like a parachute. Your captain will then help you catch the wind, get up in the air, and breeze across the ocean! You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the water and the bustling Myrtle Beach on the ground!

What to Expect

If you’ve never been parasailing before, don’t be nervous. All of the captains here in Myrtle Beach meet people who are parasailing for the first time. They’ll make sure you’re in good hands. Many companies offering Myrtle Beach parasailing allow two or three people to go up in the air at once, so you can sail at the same time as your partner or child.

Once you get up in the air, you might be surprised at how calm and peaceful it is that high above the water. The hustle and bustle of the ground simply fade away, and you get to enjoy a relaxed experience floating through the air. When it’s time to come down, you’ll have the option of landing directly on the boat or, if it’s particularly hot outside, you might want to take a dip down into the water!

Parasailing with Crazy Sister Marina

Crazy Sister Marina is proud to offer tons of water sports in Myrtle Beach. Our parasailing trips are among our most popular offerings. When you parasail with us, you’ll get 10 to 12 minutes up in the air, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the view. Parasailing trips are offered for ages 6 and above. We ask that you arrive 45 minutes before the start of your parasailing trip and check-in with our staff at the Marina office.

Parasailing trips with Crazy Sister Marina cost $75 per person, offering some of the most competitive rates in the area. For an additional $40, you have the option of adding on a video package. This lets you capture the excitement of your excursion and take it home with you to watch again and again!

There’s nothing quite like getting to experience the gorgeous city of Myrtle Beach from up above. A parasailing trip is something you should take care to include in your itinerary! For more information about Myrtle Beach parasailing or to book your excursion, contact Crazy Sister Marina today!

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