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What to Expect from Paddle Board Rentals in Myrtle Beach

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When you come to Myrtle Beach, you’ve got to spend some time out in the water. You could simply head to the beach and splash around in the water, but why not make your experience a bit more immersive? Consider some of the incredible water sports in the area like boating or kayaking! If you’re looking for the perfect combination of relaxing and invigorating, then paddle boarding is for you!

About Paddle Boarding

So, what is paddle boarding, anyway? Paddle boarding, sometimes called SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding, involves a long narrow board, similar to a surfboard, and a paddle. While you can sit down while you’re paddle boarding, most people choose to stand. You can then paddle your way across the water, floating across the waves and experiencing the water in a whole new way. It’s a great option for seeing nature and getting a bit of exercise at the same time.

What to Expect when Paddle Boarding

If you’ve never been paddle boarding before, you might be curious about the experience in general. As we noted earlier, you’ll be provided with a paddle board as well as a paddle for your equipment. Your board will come with an ankle strap to make sure you never lose it. There are also different sizes of paddle boards, so you can choose the option that works best for your stature.

The company you’re renting from will explain everything from how to use your equipment to safety tips you can use in the water. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you start; many paddle board rental companies expect first-timers to come and visit, so they’re more than experienced at answering any questions you might have. At Crazy Sister Marina, we even offer private lessons for those who are experiencing this activity for the first time!

Paddle Board Rentals from Crazy Sister Marina

If you’re looking for paddle board rentals in Myrtle Beach, hop over to Murrells Inlet and stop at Crazy Sister Marina! Our paddle board rentals allow you to experience a more leisurely experience than what you’ll find in the chaos of the city. You can rent a paddle board for one hour for just $25, or if you’d like two hours, you’ll pay just $45.

Like we mentioned, we do also offer private lessons for those who want a more one-on-one experience. During these lessons, you’ll learn about safety, equipment handling, paddling techniques, balance improvement, and more. All of our lessons here are taught by our expert staff, all of whom are CPR and First Aid certified. These lessons last 1.5 hours and cost $100 per person.

There are tons of fun things to do in Myrtle Beach, but if you’re looking for a unique activity to try, paddle boarding is among the best. Crazy Sister Marina makes it easy to rent your paddle board and get going on the water. Contact us today to book your adventure!

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