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Three Reasons to Rent a Boat in Myrtle Beach

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Three Reasons to Rent a Boat in Myrtle Beach

When you’re vacationing in Myrtle Beach, you probably want to spend as much time near the water as you can. You might have picked a vacation rental near the beach so you never have to miss a minute of sand and sun. But to really ensure you get as much time on the waves as possible, why not rent a boat? Crazy Sister Marina is happy to offer affordable Myrtle Beach boat rentals, including our popular inlet boats. Here are three reasons why you should consider renting one!

Total Control of Your Cruise

When you go on a boat cruise with a company, you’re at the mercy of the captain. They determine how long the journey will last and where you will go. But when you rent your own boat, you’re in control! You can explore the waters however you please and spend as much time out at sea as you wish. You can even sail your boat into one of the numerous local restaurants sitting right on the water! Having your own boat allows you to let your journey unfold naturally and lets you enjoy your experience without feeling rushed.

Plenty of Room for Everyone

No matter how many people you have in your group, booking an inlet boat is a great way to keep everyone together and have fun out on the waves. Our Carolina Skiff rentals hold up to six people, but if that’s still not enough room, then check out our pontoon boat rentals, which can hold up to 10 people. Everyone will have tons of room to spread out.
They can relax, listen to some music, or cast their lines to try for the big catch.

Affordable Way to Have Fun All Day

You might splurge on a few experiences while you’re on vacation, but our Myrtle Beach boat rentals let you have a fun afternoon without breaking the bank. Our Carolina Skiff rentals cost just $179 for a half-day or $289 for a full day. You can even rent for 5 days for $1,269. Alternatively, you can get a pontoon boat rental for $325 for half a day, $470 for a full day, or $1,999 for 5 days. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun, especially when you split the cost with some of the other people in your group!

Let Crazy Sister Marina Help You

Watersports in Myrtle Beach are some of the most exciting activities in the area, so be sure to set aside some time to hit the waves! Crazy Sister Marina is happy to help you get the best boat rental for your needs. On top of our boat rentals, we also have kayak and paddle board rentals to keep you entertained for your entire trip. Not sure what you want to do? Our team can help recommend some fun activities that the whole family will enjoy. Get in touch with Crazy Sister Marina today to reserve your boat rental!

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