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The Difference Between Fishing and Catching

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The Difference Between Fishing and Catching

If you are an angler or know of one, you’ve probably heard them say, “that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching,” at some point in their lives. And it’s true. We can’t guarantee that we’re going to catch that trophy fish. But we can ensure that we’re going to have a lot of fun trying! Simply put, fishing is easy, and as such, anyone can do it. However, it requires a bit more skill and perhaps even more luck when it comes to catching.

5 Rules to Turn Fishing into Catching

There are five easy rules to follow to increase our chances of turning a fishing expedition into a catching expedition.

  1. Fish where the fish are

This probably seems obvious, but those new to angling don’t often realize the importance of location, location, location. There are three things that fish tend to crave. Those things are cover, margins, and food. We mean stuff like weed beds, fallen trees, natural rock shelves in the water, and overhanging vegetation when we refer to cover. Fish also love margins, those edges where deep and shallow water come together. Finally, fish like food and will often congregate in a current area that can deliver food to them quickly.

  1. Fish where the fish bite

One of the benefits of a professional Myrtle Beach fishing charter is that the boat crew tends to know where the best bites are. After all, anglers talk to one another and will share the latest on their big catch or where they might have had a disappointing day. When you pursue a boat rental in Myrtle Beach, or if you book an inshore or offshore fishing adventure, the Crazy Sister Marina team will tell you everything you need to know and will be sure to let you in on some of the local fishing secrets.

  1. Fish with bait – after all, fish like to eat too

Your chances of turning a fishing experience into a catching experience will significantly improve if you are prepared with bait. Anglers in Myrtle Beach have had great success with shrimp, dead or alive, fresh or frozen, and have been able to bring in a great catch with it. But don’t worry, you don’t need to keep a supply of shrimp on hand in your hotel room or at your resort. When you book a fishing charter with Crazy Sister Marina, all the bait you will need is included. We do the hard work so that all you have to do is look forward to and enjoy your day on the water.

  1. Fish with the right equipment

When fishing in Myrtle Beach, you will need a rod, reel, bait, tackle, and fishing license. If you book a fishing experience with Crazy Sister Marina or one of the other tour operators in the area, these items are usually included. Be sure to check into this before you make a booking. Again, this is one less thing you need to worry about when you book with a professional fishing guide service. However, if you decide on a Myrtle Beach boat rental and plan to drop a line in the water, it is essential to note that all anglers age 16 or older need a fishing license to fish lawfully in the state of South Carolina. Anglers can directly purchase fishing permits and licenses through the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Online Customer Service Portal.

  1. Fish without expectation to improve your catch

One of the best bits of advice that we give to anglers visiting the Myrtle Beach area is fish without expectation. Sure, your chances of reeling in a fantastic catch will be better if you heed our advice, but fishing is fishing and is not always catching at the end of the day. When you allow yourself to enjoy the process of fishing and learn to take whatever comes your way, your chances of a great fishing experience will be that much better. And, when you do catch that fish, instead of letting it be the one that got away, the catch itself will be that much better of a story.

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