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Take Your Paddle Boarding to the Next Level

a sunset over a beach

Take Your Paddle Boarding to the Next Level

Paddleboarding has been around for years but has become increasingly popular lately, especially as more and more people start to take their health and fitness seriously. Many people try paddleboarding for the first time when on vacation near a beach, where paddleboard rentals are common. But after you have given it a try and mastered those paddleboarding tips for beginners, what is the next step?

Paddleboarding is indeed one of the most thrilling watersports of Myrtle Beach. The ability to get out on the open water to explore the Murrells Inlet area can be pretty enticing. And after a few hours of paddling leisurely at your own pace or practicing paddleboard yoga basics, many vacations decide to take up paddleboarding when they get home.

X Ways to Take Your New Love for Paddleboarding to the Next Level

If you have fallen in love with paddleboarding, whether it be because you want to SUP for health and fitness, you enjoy the peaceful tranquility of time on the water, or for other reasons, there are ways to take your love of the sport to the next level.

1. Take your paddleboard on a camping trip

You’ve heard about weekend kayak or canoe adventures, but why not consider a weekend adventure with your paddleboard? Your paddleboard can help you reach places you can’t get to by motorized boats or even a land vehicle. With larger paddleboards, you can tie on a dry bag to keep your things dry.

2. Take a paddleboard river adventure

Paddleboards are fun in the ocean but are just as fun along a river too. And, with a gentle current to help push you along, you might reach your destination a bit faster. So, why not combine your river adventure with a weekend getaway on the paddleboard? It’ll be good for your health and help you get that much closer to nature.

3. Upgrade your paddleboard to a pedalboard and use your legs

Paddleboards provide a great workout for your arms and core, but they don’t do as much for your legs. If you have the balance thing all figured out, then upgrading to a pedalboard might be the next best step. Pedalboards let you walk on water (well, almost) and gives you the stability you need with stabilizing handlebars. Steering is easy too but you don’t have to give up your arm workout. Pedalboards offer the best of both worlds, providing a great arm and leg workout in one.

Try Before You Buy with a Myrtle Beach Paddleboarding Adventure

If all this sounds great, but you haven’t tried paddle boarding yet, be sure to try a Crazy Sister Marina paddleboard rental the next time you are in Myrtle Beach. Glide through the water of Murrells Inlet to be one with nature. You might even catch a glimpse of some dolphins at play.