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Planning Your Myrtle Beach Deep Sea Fishing Trip

a group of fish on a wooden bench

Planning Your Myrtle Beach Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Are you looking to go deep sea fishing in the famous Myrtle Beach? While it may seem simple to just drop down and start searching for lost treasure and cool sea animals, there are some important concerns you have to ask yourself prior to searching for a charter boat. For first-timers and those with kids, it is important to check the most ideal saltwater fishing charter in Myrtle Beach. This added with a little research will mean you and your family will have an unforgettable saltwater fishing experience!

Check out our tips to help you pick the best Myrtle Beach fishing charter for your trip.

What To Do Before A Myrtle Beach Fishing Trip

How many are planning on going on the fishing trip?

I guess we are starting with the obvious, but you have to know how many people are going to be headed out on the trip. This will help you figure out what kind of deep-sea fishing trip you can take. If there is a large group you might want to consider the New Inlet Princess deep sea fishing trip. If there are just a few of you, a private fishing charter might be ideal.  If your group wants the private charter experience, but can’t fit on one boat, we have several private fishing charters available and can coordinate going out together.

What is your budget?

Another obvious, but important element to planning your Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing trip is your budget. The New Inlet Princess offers all day and half day trips that range from $30-$109. Private charters offer different trip lengths that vary from $415-1650. The ranges depend on where you will be fishing.

Where do you want to fish and what do you want to catch?

Speaking of where you will be fishing, do you want to go off shore fishing, near shore fishing, in-shore fishing. All offer unique experiences in the beautiful inlet or ocean. One thing to consider is how long you want to be out. Off-shore trips can be full days. Another thing to consider is what you want to catch. There are different kinds of fish to catch depending on where you want to fish and the season! Call us with questions!

Deep-Sea Fishing is a great way to spend any summer day in Myrtle Beach! Whether you want to do a private fishing charter or join us on the headboat, it will be unforgettable.