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Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter: Steps To Plan Your Adventure

a man holding a fish

Crazy Sister Marina offers the best Murrells Inlet fishing charter excursions along the Grand Strand. Whether you want to enjoy a private fishing trip with your friends or want to jump aboard the head boat to enjoy a day of fishing with other adventure seekers, we offer daily trips to meet your needs. If you’re planning a fishing trip in Myrtle Beach, we have a few questions for you to consider to ensure you choose the best fishing charter. From how far offshore you hope to go to the type of fish you want to catch, our questions will help you plan the ideal trip.

  1. Do you want a private fishing charter or share a boat with other excited anglers?

Private fishing charters are great for a group of friends or family who want to spend the day on the water. The Crazy Sister Marina offers two boats for groups up to six passengers. Choose from The Sea Rake or The Side Kick for a 9-hour trip that will take you 25 to 40 miles offshore.

If you’re more interested in sharing your adventure with a boat full of other fishers, the head boat is a 4.5-hour long trip that takes you 3 to 15 miles offshore. You’ll join other anglers to fish for Black Sea Bass, Grunts, Tom-Tates, Sea Bream, and Porgies.

  1. Where will you find the most experienced fishing charter captain?

Take some time to do a little research ahead of your Myrtle Beach fishing trip. You want to have a trip that’s full of fun and adventure while also staying safe. Read reviews for charter fishing companies online and ask questions ahead of booking your trip. The Crazy Sister Marina team is not only ready to help your crew have a blast on the water, but we’ve spent years navigating the Carolina shores and understand the importance of keeping you safe. Our team will ensure the boat and equipment are prepared for your fishing trip so you can focus on making memories.


  1. What type of amenities do you want on your Myrtle Beach fishing trip?

For you private fishing charter trip, both boats from Crazy Sister Marina offer a restroom, comfortable fighting chairs and the latest electronics. We’ll also provide you with a rod, manual reel, bait (squid), and tackle. You’re also welcome to bring your own fishing equipment on board.

If you opt for the head boat to fish with several other excited anglers, we’ll provide the restroom, rod, manual reel, bait (squid), and tackle. You can also enjoy the cash only canteen in the cabin.


  1. Will you need a fishing license for your fishing trip?

When you join the fishing adventure with a Crazy Sister Marina captain on the head boat or private charter fishing boats, you do not need a fishing license. If, however, you’re interested in renting a skiff or pontoon for your fishing trip, a saltwater fishing license is required. SCDNR can provide the license you need.

The Crazy Sister Marina team is ready to help you plan your Myrtle Beach fishing trip. Whether you’re ready to hit the open water with a group of friends or want to make new friends on our party boat, your adventure is just one click away. Plan your trip now.