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The Biggest Threats that Dolphins Face

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Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine creatures on the planet, known for their incredible intelligence and fun personalities. Unfortunately, the oceans are not as safe for dolphins as they once were. It’s vital that we learn about the threats that dolphins face and discover what we can do to protect these stunning creatures. Here are three of the biggest threats facing dolphins today.

Entanglement in Fishing Gear

The fishing industry is an important part of life for many people living along the coastline. Those who live inland may even rely on the fishing industry to provide reliable and healthy food sources. Sadly, though, fishing gear can be a major threat to dolphins. It’s quite easy for dolphins and other marine animals to get caught in stray fishing nets or discarded equipment. It’s estimated that more than 300,000 whales and dolphins get tangled in fishing gear and die every year.

Marine Debris

“Marine debris” may seem like a wide topic, and that’s because it is. Virtually anything we throw away can eventually make its way into the ocean, from a plastic sandwich bag or water bottle to even large appliances. Over 40% of marine mammal species become tangled up in or swallow marine debris each and every year. Even  those animals who don’t fall into that category, marine debris is still an issue, as it can release dangerous toxins into the water and cause severe illness.

Climate Change

Perhaps one of the most obvious and serious threats to dolphins is climate change. Climate change is severely impacting our oceans, which can change or even eliminate the habitats of dolphins. On top of that, increased water temperatures can pose a major threat to dolphins and can cause birth rates to drop. Unfortunately, it’s believed that more marine heat waves will occur in the future if nothing is done about climate change.

How We Can Help

It’s clear that dolphins are facing multiple threats and could be in grave danger if nothing is done to protect them. But what can we, as ordinary people, do to help them?First, we can consider our actions at home. Switching to reusable household items can help decrease marine debris. If it’s possible, taking public transportation or biking instead of driving can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help slow climate change. It’s not just up to individuals, though. For major change to happen, bigger actions have to be taken. Reaching out to your Senator or Representative about your concerns can help to bring up these issues and express your dedication to protecting marine life. Just a few minutes spent crafting a letter or an email can make a world of difference!

Last, but not least, when you want to see dolphins up close and personal, be sure to book with a company dedicated to the environment. At Crazy Sister Marina, we keep the health of our oceans in mind with everything we do. Our Myrtle Beach dolphin cruises are both fun and educational, as are our boat rentals and fishing charters. We’re here to help you book your next eco-friendly adventure with us, just give us a call!

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