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Experience Myrtle Beach Fishing Trips on a Head Boat

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Experience Myrtle Beach Fishing Trips on a Head Boat

If you’re planning a vacation to the Myrtle Beach area, you’re bound to be spending tons of time near the water. But are you wanting to spend some time in the water? You don’t have to limit yourself to simply swimming during your time at the beach! Head down to Murrells Inlet, just 20 minutes south of Myrtle Beach, to experience the excitement of offshore party boat fishing at Crazy Sister Marina!

What is a Head Boat?

Our party boat fishing tours in Myrtle Beach are held on our luxurious head boat. But what is a head boat in the first place? First, it’s important to note that the terms “heat boat” and “party boat” are interchangeable. These vessels are typically designed to hold anywhere from 10 to 100 anglers. Our head boats here at Crazy Sister can hold 80 people at a time! The main thing that sets these boats apart from others is how they are priced on trips. Other vessels are typically charged per group. However, a head boat excursion will be priced individually, or per head.

What Kind of Fish Can I Catch?

Crazy Sister offers several different party boat fishing trips, so the type of fish you’ll catch often depends on which excursion you select. For instance, on the ½ Day Sea Bass Fishing trip, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll be looking out for sea bass! Other fish you might encounter on this trip include grunts, porgies, sea bream, and others. Our All Day Gulf Stream Fishing trip will have you casting for vermillion, silver snapper, triggerfish, amberjack, and grouper, among other varieties.

On our Afternoon Shark Fishing trip, your captain will take you 3-12 miles offshore to look for Atlantic sharpnose sharks, grunts, black sea bass, and more. Our Continental Shelf Fishing trips and our Semi-Private All-Day Gulf Stream trips will offer much the same variety as the All Day. Gulf Stream Fishing trip listed above. If you’re wanting to catch a specific type of fish, just contact us and one of our staff members can let you know which trip you should plan!

What Else Should I Know?

The whole point of fishing on a party boat is to have fun! That’s why they call it a PARTY boat, after all! That’s why we do all the heavy lifting so that you and your family and friends can simply sit back, enjoy the view, and catch some fish. Trips can range in length anywhere from 4 to 11 hours depending on your excursion. We aim to keep trips affordable with our cheapest option being just $48 per adult and $30 per child. Your fishing license, rod, reel, bait, and tackle are all included with the price of your trip. Be sure to bring some water and sun protection!

There are tons of companies in the area offering Myrtle Beach fishing trips, but none of them offers the same dedication to fun party boat fishing as Crazy Sister Marina. Interested in booking a trip? Let’s go!