Best Place For Kids’ Birthday Party Myrtle Beach

Best Place For Kids’ Birthday Party Myrtle Beach

Best Place For Kids’ Birthday Party Myrtle Beach

Planning a child’s birthday can be stressful. From the cake to the décor and then the dreaded cleanup, hosting a roomful of kids can leave you exhausted. If you’re looking for the best location to hold a kids’ birthday party in Myrtle Beach, Crazy Sister Marina has the solution. The Barefoot Bounty Pirate Ship Adventure makes for the best kid’s birthday experience and you don’t have to stress over the details and cleanup.

Allowing the team at Crazy Sister Marina plan your child’s pirate birthday party eliminates the biggest hassles of any birthday party planning. Not only will the kids have a great time, but our one-stop-shop party solution handles these common party problems:

  • Kids’ birthday party budget: You want to make the experience great for your birthday boy or girl, and that can mean you lose track of the budget. With the pirate birthday party aboard the Barefoot Bounty, you can choose specific events for the number of guests you expect for one complete cost. Whether you’re interested in sharing the boat with other adventurers or want a complete private birthday party with pirate goody bags and a one-hour picnic, our different birthday party options have you covered.

  • Kids’ birthday party activities: Keeping the attention of a room full of children can be difficult. Don’t stress over games and entertainment. With our pirate crew leading your party fun, the kids will enjoy a boat ride with dress up, face painting, and tattoos. Add pirate goody bags to your party fun with our custom options.

  • Kids’ birthday party supplies: Finding themed plates, cups, napkins and more is just another task to add to your to-do list. When you rent the Pirate’s Cove space for a picnic for your birthday crew, you’ll have the option for us to provide all the supplies you need. Skip the trip to the party supplies store and allow our pirate crew to handle it for you!

  • Space for kids’ birthday: Attempting to plan a kids’ birthday at home means you’re limited in space. Avoid the kids running through the house and book your Myrtle Beach birthday party today. Our 43′ custom built Evans Boat has a unique design that gives your birthday crew the full pirate experience. The Barefoot Bounty is the newest and largest pirate boat in Murrells Inlet!

Best Kids’ Birthday Myrtle Beach

Build an unforgettable experience for your child with a Myrtle Beach pirate birthday party. From face painting and dress up to the pirate crew and ship, your child will be king or queen of the sea for a day. Our customizable birthday party plans allow for any budget, and you can plan for as many pirate friends as you’d like.

Remove the stress of planning a kids’ birthday party, avoid the mess in your home, and skip the overpriced party supply store. The Crazy Sister Marina is ready to book your Myrtle Beach kids’ birthday party today on our Barefoot Bounty ship.  Contact our team today for details and availability.