These 5 Things Can Make Or Break Your Fishing Charter

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These 5 Things Can Make Or Break Your Fishing Charter

These 5 Things Can Make Or Break Your Fishing Charter

Whether you’re planning your very first Murrells Inlet fishing charter or you’re on the water every chance you get, there are a few elements that can create the ideal excursion or completely derail your day. Fishing is meant to help you destress and have fun with a few friends, so having a grasp on the different dynamics of your trip will keep your mind on reeling in the catch of the day and not on the day’s misadventures. Consider the importance of these five fishing trip factors before you hit the water to make the most of your fishing charter near Myrtle Beach.

Fishing Charter Company

When you’re planning to spend a day on the ocean or along the coast in the Inlet, you want to know you’re in safe, experienced hands. The Crazy Sister Marina team has spent years helping beginner fishers and experts alike enjoy the waters in a safe, fun way. As you explore fishing charter companies, pay attention to the fine print. Do they offer an experienced crew? Is the vessel routinely inspected and maintained? Is the fishing equipment included in the price? You don’t want to show up the morning of your fishing trip and feel uneasy about the day’s plans. Do your research to find the best Murrells Inlet fishing charter company.

Types Of Fishing

Depending on the length of your desired trip and the type of sea life you’re after, you’ll develop a fishing charter for offshore, inshore, shark fishing and more. The kind of fishing you want to do plays a big role in the fishing charter you choose. It’s important to ask the company for the types of fishing adventures offered. There’s no need to go fishing for flounder when you’re ready to reel in Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.

Fishing Crew

Planning a fishing charter is always better with friends and family. Before you book the trip, know how many people will join you for the day. Fishing charters offer different excursions based on the size of your fishing crew. Crazy Sister Marina has two vessels – Fish Finder I & Fish Finder II – that can each host six passengers. To spend a day with your closest friends, booking one of these boats for your Murrells Inlet fishing charter is a great option. If you’re planning a solo trip or have extended family tagging along, book your seat on the Head Boat.

Time On The Water

You may be willing to spend all day on the water, but if you have a crew that is more interested in a 4-hour trip, you’ll need to make a decision on the best fishing charter. There are several half-day excursions that provide a great time on the ocean but still leave you plenty of time in the day for other activities. If, however, you’re ready to take on an 8-hour adventure, the ¾ Day Combo Fishing trip with Crazy Sister Marina is your ideal day.

Fishing License

The rules and regulations for fishing licenses vary for each state. When you search for a fishing charter company, be sure to ask if your fees include the fishing license coverage. When you book a trip with Crazy Sister Marina, your license fee is included, and you don’t have to worry about obtaining one of your own.